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It has always been my belief that if you look good, you feel good; and studies show if you feel good about how you look, it can positively influence your mood, confidence and sense of well being. Because of my strong belief, InTrueBeauty was born.


We cut, color, perm, and style your hair as well as provide healthy hair products to maintain your hair. Other services include weaves, loc maintenence, facials, makeup makeovers, pedicures and more...

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A New Look Forward!

The InTrueBeauty Experience!

Do you want to look good for a special occasion, like a wedding, the prom or even a party?
Do you want the look of your favorite celebrity or athlete, like Beyoncé, one of the Kardashians or Odell Beckham Jr?
Do you want to change your look by cutting, coloring or straightening your hair?
Do you want to update your look or just look like a new person?

Putting more thought into your appearance is one of the easiest ways to improve your social prospects and the way people see you. It falls under the broader category of non-verbal communication.

A lot of what holds people back socially is mental. Even if they know on paper how to have a conversation or make friends, their negative emotions, thoughts, and self-image get in the way.

Come and find out what the InTrueBeauty experience is all about.

Who we are

Hi! My name is Dawnsherrie and I have 15+ years of experience in quality hair care. However, InTrueBeauty is not only about restoring your healthy hair. It's also about restoring your confidence and feeling beautiful inside and out.

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Personal pampering is a staple at InTrueBeauty. We only use the highest quality products. No more over booking and waiting in a crowded salon. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable amenities.

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We are located in Clinton, Maryland

Online Booking:
Phone: (301) 800-7195

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